Red Zebra Consulting

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About Red Zebra Consulting

Who we are

We are an executive coaching practice operating globally, and based in the UK. 

All our coaches and mentors are:

Experienced:  executives with decades of experience

Accredited: quality checked by respected coaching associations

Armed: with a wide range of development tools and methodologies

We take a three-step approach supporting through transition.


Aspiration - Identify the best possible outcome – then plan to make it possible.


Clarity - Clarify what are the real issues, challenges and opportunities. Ensure hidden assumptions are not obscuring judgement.


Tenacity - Keep at it. The answers are out there. Repeat new behaviours to entrench them into habits.

Vikki Bolam, Global Director and Lead Coach

International business psychologist, non-executive director, and accredited coach and mentor.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with an amazing range of people and organizations across the world. The thing that strikes me time and again is how frequently the biggest obstacle to success is often ourselves. So many of us are carrying around limiting assumptions which we never think to question. And yet, having them gently challenged can unleash a wealth of new possibilities, confidence and step-change in achievement, not to mention enormous relief. This is where my passion for coaching comes from. Coaching, in my view, is the most powerful approach to achieving transformational change.

Change has been a constant in my career over the past 30 years. I’ve started businesses and led those owned by others. I have spent a large part of my career in Japan where general management expertise is desirable. As a result, I’ve fulfilled roles ranging from organizational development to business development, brand and CSR to R&D. I’ve led global strategic initiatives in multibillion-dollar companies and served on the board of newly founded social enterprises. I’ve also led through unforeseen external threats; the 2008 global financial crisis and the 2011 triple tragedy of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear explosion in Japan. I’ve experienced mind-numbing complexity. I’ve experienced self-doubt. I’ve experienced going things alone without a support network. I’ve doubted at times that there was a better way forward. And yet, I always found one. For me, my renewed momentum came from untangling the issues and gaining good, solid, clarity of thought. This is what I pass on to my clients; the sudden clarity experienced when a light comes on in a dark room. The facts illuminated, the complexity simplified, and the potential unleased, releasing the power to ACT.