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Executive Coaching for Senior Leaders

What is Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is either a one-to-one, or a team or group based, enabling relationship between a trained professional coach and client in a business relationship. The focus is helping the executive leverage their latent potential and become more competent and fulfilled in their career. This can be done in person or virtually.

Who is Executive Coaching for?

The client is often a senior manager or board director who has accountability for complex decisions, and with a wide scope of impact on an organisation. The focus of coaching is results-oriented around organisational performance and the individual’s development within that organisation. It may also include personal components as transformational progress often requires a holistic approach to development; looking at the person who is at the core of the professional.  

Coaching provides professional and personal development appropriate for senior executives with little time for self-reflection – and is therefore particularly suitable for board level executives, CEO’s and senior managers, helping them to focus on their business priorities whilst advancing their professional development goals. 

Coaching is not a ‘soft support’. It is results-oriented and works best when addressing specific issues.

Coaching involves trust, respect and mutual freedom of expression between the coach and client. The coach fully believes the client has the knowledge needed to solve the issues they face and acts as support to find the clarity required to uncover the appropriate solution. 

Benefits to the individual

Improved executive impact, influence and performance

Improved leadership, teamwork and management

Improved interpersonal skills and relationships

Increased comfort in managing change

Increased confidence in handling conflict and stress

Increased self-awareness and gravitas

Benefits to the organisation

Improved performance on organisational goals

Increased creativity in business and strategic planning

Improved corporate culture and engagement from staff at all levels