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Peak Team Performance Program

What is Peak Performance Coaching

In the increasingly VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) organizations need to dig deeper than ever to provide value. This means mining every ounce of expertise to stay ahead. The biggest area of value is synergizing individual knowledge to create new value-adding solutions. The team coaching process is aimed at achieving real team synergy in order to deliver on ever demanding strategic goals.

This is also ideal for enhancing teams which work remotely. 

Based on new research out of Harvard University, teams are assessed on the behaviours most conducive to creating real synergy. Strengths and gaps are identified. The teams are then supported creating and executing on strategies that leverage their strengths and manage the gaps in order perform optimally against strategic objectives. To further foster team development, areas such as; Team Purpose, Vision and Strategy, and Team relationships, as well as Shareholder expectations and relationships, can also be developed. Team members work together in a safe environment which enables them to have tough conversations and provides valuable feedback around the team’s internal and external systemic dynamics.

Benefits to the team

Improved quality of team output

Improved alignment on team goals and execution

Deeper quality of communication and trust

Deeper appreciation of diversity and active inclusion

Benefits to the organisation

Improved performance against organisational goals

Increased creativity in problem solving and solution generation

Improved corporate culture and engagement from team members